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Cremation Urn Vaults

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Does your family have a traditional coping style grave? Do you or a loved one plan to be cremated?

NOLA Cemetery Renewal is proud to announce a new concept for New Orleans cemetery plots.

Now more than ever families are choosing cremation over traditional casket burials. Cremation is more cost efficient and allows families’ time before a burial takes place. Tombs or mausoleum crypts are great options for inurnments, however if you or a loved one has a coping plot this can make urn burials less desirable. Many families would rather not bury an urn in their grave only for it to be un-covered each time a traditional casket burial occurs.

NOLA Cemetery Renewal has designed an alternative option for urn burials in copings.

New Orleans tomb repair, cemetery restoration, tomb restoration, cemetery repair, grave cleaning painting renovation

Custom reinforced concrete urn vaults

Our urn vaults are designed and constructed off site. Once built they may be seamlessly integrated onto an existing coping. The success of incorporating a vault where it is not obstructive and is formed to the specific structure is paramount. In doing so the urn vaults will blend in with the original construction instead of appearing as an afterthought. Depending on the space available each vault may contain multiple urns.

Each vault is custom built using reinforced crack resistant cement (option of marble or granite sides over the exterior of each vault is available.) Once delivered to the plot the vaults are drilled and permanently anchored onto the existing structure. Marble or granite tablet/ doors are installed over the vault openings allowing for inscriptions to be engraved. Additionally each set of vaults come with matching locks and keys which secure the stone tablet in place.

If you would like more information on our vaults please call 504-401-2989 or visit Vaults are currently available for inspection in local cemeteries upon request.

New Orleans cemetery repair, tomb restoration, cemetery restoration, tomb repair, grave cleaning painting renovation, headstone repair

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