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Biloxi Cemetery Tour

Although NOLA Cemetery Renewal is based out of New Orleans, there are unfortunately no "living history" tours located in the cemeteries here. Fall has become a time where many cities put on special tours that introduce visitors to the rich history of those who are interred there. The tours include actors and actresses who portray these individuals in order to tell their stories.

Many of these cemetery tours are completely free to the general public. Donations are usually collected which goes towards preservation efforts. This includes cemetery repairs, tomb restorations and general maintenance. Some cemeteries depend greatly on these donations in order to provide the care needed for its respected sites.

The Old Biloxi Cemetery has one of the BEST cemetery tours in the South. Year after year the city's historical administration spends countless hours working to put on an even better tour than the last. A new theme is created for the tours each fall, 2019 will showcase "Biloxi's Colorful Past."

The city of Biloxi has invested a substantial amount of money into the preservation of its historic tombs and plots. I can account firsthand that the individuals with the city who have helped sponsor these projects, care for the cemetery and are truly dedicated to seeing it preserved. The same level of dedication is put into the tours that keep our history alive.

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