How NOLA Cemetery Renewal Started

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         Nick Black has been steeped in New Orleans culture. He is a graduate of Brother Martin High School and went on to study art and art history at Nicholls State University. Following a four year program, Nick attended North Kent College (London) to receive his diploma in Marine Surveying and Restoration.  Being born and raised in the Greater New Orleans area he grew up appreciating the unique traditions and architecture of the Crescent City. He especially learned, early in life, the distinctive designs of our city’s cemeteries.

        As a kid Nick would go to the cemeteries at the foot of Canal Street to help his father and grandfather maintain the family tomb. It is this value for the continuation of family traditions, and honoring those who have gone before us, that guided him to develop a business that helps to restore and renew a cultural treasure unique to New Orleans. With a background in art and art history Nick’s talents lie in the period correct renewal of family tombs, whether it be a simple cleaning or more detailed inscription work and repair, he seeks perfection and considers it an honor to help re-establish the former glory of these reverent places. He hopes that you will consider him to help renew your family’s cherished places of eternal rest to a memorial that you will be proud to have generations after you visit with fond memories.